Service charge

Prior to any therapy treatment, we recommend a pre-treatment assessment should be taken place to better understand a child’s condition and their needs.

  • pre-treatment assessment (45 minutes): HKD850
  • Full assessment (60 minutes) with report: HKD$1,650

Our therapy treatment starts from:

  • 30 mins at HKD650
  • 45 mins at HKD850
  • 60 mins at HKD1,050

Discounted therapy rates for current Rainbow Students:

  • 30 mins at HKD550
  • 45 mins at HKD750
  • 60 mins at HKD950

Rainbow Project Low Income Subsidy Programme

In Hong Kong, there are government-subsidised therapy services available to children with special education needs. Unfortunately, it usually come with a long waiting list and families have to wait for 12-24 months before they can access the service. On the other hand, fees charged by private practices are very costly, cost for a 45-minute of occupation or speech therapy falls in the range of HK$900 to over HK$1,000. As a result, families who cannot afford private practice’s therapies have to wait until subsidised service is available, thus making children with Autism miss their best chance to attain the skills they will need to lead a relatively independent life when they grow up.

Thanks for the support of a list of generous corporations and individuals, our low income subsidy programme is put in place to provide subvented therapy services to low income families which enables their children with Autism to start therapies as soon as possible. For more information the eligibility for our low income subsidy programme, please contact us at: 2548 7123 or email: