Notes to Parents

Parents and their child who have occupational therapy or speech therapy at Rainbow Project should follow our rules and regulations:

  • If parents and their child are late for their therapy session, time will not be made up afterwards.
  • Parents should give at least one day’s notice of absence (with valid reason) in order to reschedule their therapy session. Otherwise, session fees will be forfeited. If the child falls sick on the day of a scheduled session, please inform us one hour before session starts. A valid medical certificate must be provided for any sick leave.
  • All paid sessions must be utilised within an expiry period. The expiry period for 10 paid sessions is 12 weeks. Session fees will be forfeited for all remaining sessions not utilised at the end of the expiry period (Exception only applies to a formal arrangement).
  • If parents and their child arrive early before the session commences, parents should supervise their child at all times while he/she is waiting in for his/her therapy session.
  • Either parents or their designated person should participate in the therapy session to support their child’s progress where applicable.