Founded in 1999, Rainbow Project is a charitable organisation set up in Hong Kong. In our learning centre in Sai Ying Pun on Hong Kong Island, we cater for the needs of children with the Autism Spectrum Disorder coming from multinational English speaking backgrounds. Aside from education and therapy services, we also conduct workshops and training at our learning centre, and give talks on Autism in mainstream school to raise the awareness of Autism.

Our mission

  • Provide special educational facilities, therapy services (Occupational and Speech Therapy)  for children with Autism
  • Promote awareness of Autism in Hong Kong community
  • Provide care, support and training for families who are affected by Autism
  • Provide subsidy for therapy treatment for low income families affected by Autism

Our goals

  • To expand the education services to provide secondary education for teenagers (aged 11-18) with Autism
  • To run a life skills training centre to provide training for young adults affected by Autism
  • To continue to provide therapy treatment for young children affected by Autism at affordable rate, especially for low income families

Rainbow Project Company Limited is a company limited by guarantee incorporated in Hong Kong. The company was granted charitable status by the Inland Revenue Department in September 1999 and is the entity through which the charitable purposes and objectives of the Rainbow Project are conducted.