Update on Classroom Dismissal Procedure

Dear Parents,

Hope you all have had a wonderful Christmas break!

Please note that the school will reopen on Tuesday, 3rd January 2017.

As mentioned on an email sent to all parents on 1st December, we will assign teachers to station at the main door every morning and during school dismissal to ensure the children report to school and dismiss from school in a safe and secure way. The teacher on duty will receive your child at the main door when you drop off your child form school, that is, parents need not enter the centre with your child. Likewise during dismissal, we seek the cooperation of all parents to wait outside the centre. The class teacher will dismiss the children one at a time in an orderly manner.

This system of report and dismissal will be implemented when the school reopens on 3rd January 2017. As mentioned this will also allow us to create a more private space to attend to guests and new parents who are visiting the centre and to hold meetings with potential sponsors and funding charities.

We understand that the system may be new to the children and they may feel uncomfortable but please rest assured that we will help your child adjust to the system gradually.

Rainbow would like to wish all families a Happy New Year!